Three Aussie Farmers Burgers

If you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, you may have missed our news last week. While the nation voted in it’s newest leader, we’ve been busy launching a new range of burgers into Coles. They’re Aussie grown through and through and well worth your attention.

There’s three new flavours to wrap your laughing gear around, and we reckon you’re going to love them as much as we do. Let’s run through the range so you know what you’re in for:

The Bush Ranger (2 Pack)

We were after a good old fashioned pork burger with an Aussie twist and thought some native spices might be a goer. We tried this mountain pepper with some garlic that’s been fancied up a bit, and it’s a stellar bit of tucker.

Mountain pepper leaves with roasted garlic sounds a bit posh – but we can tell you, it’s a downright tasty all-rounder and worth a solid ten.

Mountain pepper leaf is native to the woodlands and cool temperate climates that run down the south east corner of our great southern land. It has an aromatic, wild spicy flavour that Indigenous Australians have used for generations.

This ground pepper leaf is wild-harvested in Tasmania, and there’s not much better than combining local Aussie ingredients with our 100% Aussie grown pork.

Three Aussie Farmers - The Bush Ranger

The Great Aussie Bite (2 pack)

If we’re being straight up, this burger is modelled on that buffalo sauce we all know and love.

Made from 100% Aussie grown pork, she’s a bit spicy and a bit tangy and well worth a go. There’s a bit of a bite, but it’s definitely on the mild end of things – so don’t be afraid of the heat!

Buffalo sauce is known world wide for it’s distinct flavour characteristics of creamy butter and aged cayenne pepper for spice, then it’s all rounded out with vinegar and garlic to give it a punch.

Three Aussie Farmers - The Great Aussie Bite

The Outback BBQ (4 pack)

If there was one way to make a BBQ a bit more Australian, it’s by bringing the outback to your backyard.

With our Aussie pork and beef blend, we’ve created a coarse ground homestyle burger – just like mum used to make. This is everything a burger should be and one for the whole family to enjoy.

This one’s a 4 pack so it’ll be bang on for your next barbie.

Three Aussie Farmers - The Outback BBQ

So don’t waste your days wondering when your next decent feed will be, grab yourself a pack of our new burgers this week, and see what all the fuss is about.