“Three generations of farming in Queensland have shown us that good quality Australian produce can’t be beaten.”

Years ago, when each of us were running separate farming operations throughout the Darling Downs and South Burnett regions of QLD – we realised that we shared some similar passions…

We wanted to protect the quality of our produce, so we could guarantee that our pork arrived on your tables as fresh and tasty as it was when it left our farm gates. Today, we reckon we’ve turned our passion into a reality – with farms spread across the eastern seaboard delivering fresh Aussie pork direct to market each and every day.

With more than a 100 years of pig farming experience between us, we’re proud to say that we produce honest Australian food at its best.

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Our farming history dates back over three generations, and today we are still proudly Australian owned and operated by the same three families who started farming pigs in the Western and Southern Downs regions of QLD back in the 1980’s. Click here to read more about our farming history.

We pair the unique flavour of our Aussie grown meat with trending ingredients to create a range of sausages you won’t easily forget. 100% Australian made and full of flavour, these are a bunch of top quality snags. Click here to learn more about our flavour development.

Three Aussie Farmers Products - Sausages, Ham, Pulled Pork, Hock

Where does good food come from? Our Three Aussie Farmers range reflects the quality you can only build from years of experience. From hams to pulled pork to snags you’ll taste the difference in our Aussie made range. Click here to see our products and where to find them!

We’re committed to adopting practices across the board which safeguard our future, and this flows through to our animals, our people, our environment and our community.  Click here to read more about our renewable energy, emission reduction and recycling practices.

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Keepin’ Aussie Pork on Aussie Plates