three smokin’ new sausage flavours

Hot links are a unique style of sausage developed for American BBQ. These snags are best when smoked to bring out the rich flavour blends – but they’re tasty no matter how you cook them! Our hot links are packed with gooey cheese, and you can choose a family friendly Cheesy BBQ or a spicy Cheesy Jalapeño depending on what you fancy!

Three Aussie Farmers Louisiana Style Gourmet Pork Sausages Flames

The robust flavours of Cajun BBQ and Creole cuisines in South America are unforgettable – and this Louisiana snag is a tribute to the traditional flavours from the region. With thyme, garlic and paprika – this is a gourmet sausage for everyday that will make your next BBQ one to remember.    



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Cheesy Jalapeno Hot Link BBQ Plate

Pitmaster Hot Link Loaded Beans With Hush Puppy Dippers

American Style Cheesy BBQ Hot Dog

American Style Cheesy BBQ Hot Dog

Dan & STEPH's Cheesy Jalapeño Hotlink Tacos

Dan & STEPH’s Cheesy Jalapeño Hotlink Tacos

Jalapeno Hot Link Loaded Mac & Cheese

Dan & STeph’s Smoked Cheesy BBQ Hotlink Tomato Pasta

Cheesy BBQ Corn Dogs

Cheesy BBQ Corn Dogs

Dan & Steph’s Louisiana Sausage Hotdog

Dan & Steph’s Louisiana Sausage Hotdog