Good quality Australian produce can’t be beaten, and after 3 generations of farming in QLD – we reckon we know how to grow a top-notch piece of pork.

Years ago, when each of us were running separate farming operations throughout the Darling Downs and South Burnett regions of QLD – we realised that we shared some similar passions…

We wanted to protect the quality of our produce, so we could guarantee that our pork arrived on your tables as fresh and tasty as it was when it left our farm gates. We cared about preserving Australian farming roots, and wanted to demonstrate that buying Australian wasn’t just a show of support – but a chance to get better quality produce, grown using traditional and sustainable farming practices.

Three Aussie Farmers

We want everyone to have confidence in the products they buy, knowing that if they choose our pork, they’re getting authentic Australian produce that can be traced back to the farm where it was grown.

Today, we reckon we’ve turned our passion into a reality – with farms spread across the eastern seaboard delivering fresh Aussie pork direct to market each and every day.

With 40 years of farming experience between us, we’re proud to say that we produce honest Australian food at its best.

Give it a go, and help us keep Aussie pork on Aussie plates.

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A big thank you from a very satisfied customer. It’s great to have pork knuckles back and now the Kassler pork chops (just had for dinner with sauerkraut – sensational). Reminded me of my time in Germany. Two winners for sure. I will be looking for what you have for us next. Great to see a company listen to their customers.

Cheers, Warren

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