Our Farming Experience

The three of us have been farming in the Western and Southern Downs regions of Queensland for over 40 years. Together, we have more than 100 years of experience farming pigs and reckon we know a thing or two about producing top quality Aussie pork.

We protect the quality of our produce by controlling our entire value chain, from genetics right through to supermarket shelf – so we can guarantee that our pork arrived on your tables as fresh and tasty as it was when it left our gates.

In our business today, we seek to give more than we take – looking to improve our practices every day to minimise our impact on the planet. We care about preserving Australian farming roots and use traditional and sustainable farming practices to grow good quality food to nourish the nation.

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Our Farms

Our farming history dates back over three generations, and today we are still proudly Australian owned and operated by the same three families who started farming pigs in the Western and Southern Downs regions of QLD back in the 1980’s.

Over the last 4 decades our business has grown to become the largest Australian owned producer in the country. Today, we have 47 farms spread across 4 states, which means we’re well positioned to supply quality pork to Aussie supermarkets as fresh as it can be!

Our farms also grow some of the grain which we feed to our pigs, and we currently mill more than 250,000 tonnes of Aussie wheat, sorghum, and barley, which is processed into high quality feed at our own mills.

We also do our part by diverting processing and milling waste from landfill – as our pigs consume a range of by-products including oilseed meals, dried distiller’s grains, wheat milling by-products, animal protein meals, and downgraded crops that otherwise would have no use.

We hold a unique position in our industry – as we’ve invested in all areas of our supply chain so we can protect the quality of our produce at every stage:

Our Pigs

It starts with great genes!

We might’ve mentioned we’ve been growing pigs for a few years, which means we’ve spent some time developing breeds suited to Australian conditions, which also displays the characteristics our customers value. Today, our genetic lines are world class, and we are the industry leaders in Australia and New Zealand.

With superior genetics right at the beginning of our value chain, we grow pork at rates which are sustainable to our environment with optimum leanness, tenderness and flavour. We minimise our impact through efficiency which only comes from experience – and produce one of the most sustainable meat choices as a result.

Today, our genetic lines are world class, and we are the industry leaders in Australia
and New Zealand

Animal Welfare

The comfort, health and welfare of our animals is always our top priority, and our dedicated employees are committed to ongoing improvement in this space. Our business was one of the first pig producers in the country to eliminate sow stalls, and we strive to remain industry leaders in this space through investment and innovation in our facilities.

All our farms operate under animal care systems which are designed to provide every animal in our care with:

  • Respect and dignity
  • Care by trained and competent employees
  • Readily accessible, high-quality food and water
  • Environment and facilities that provide shelter, protection, light, and appropriate resting areas
  • Consideration of, and response to, behavioural needs
  • Specialist veterinary care and customised nutrition
  • Care in handling and transport

Our pigs are housed in group housing systems which gives them freedom to roam and interact with their family groups. We adhere to the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals, which defines minimum space and light allowances for every pig*.  

We are committed to quality assurance processes, including internal and third-party review, audit and verification.  All of our farms are accredited under the Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance (APIQ) Program (learn more). We have a zero-tolerance policy for any mistreatment of animals under our care.

As part of our continuous improvement process, we invest heavily in research and development to seek alternative farrowing systems that reduce confinement, and search for new ways to offer enrichment to our animals in their environment. We’re proud of the progress we have made in these areas, and will continue our focus and adopt improved outcomes as they evolve.

*Source: Pigs 2007 (Primary Industries Ministerial Council)

We treat the animals under our care with respect and dignity

Our People

The people who make up our business are the heart of our company and the key to our success. As the major employer in many regional areas across the Eastern States, we value the important role we play these communities.

Autism and Agriculture

As our business has evolved, we’ve had the pleasure to embark on the development of an incredible initiative which cements our commitment to an equitable and diverse working culture. Autism and Agriculture is a world first initiative which develops animal care career paths for people on the autism spectrum.

The program has resulted in the development of a unique onboarding and support framework which has seen us find long term employment for 10 autistic employees across our farms. Far from representing a charity exercise, this program has changed the entire company culture for the better, focusing on the unique skillsets of these individuals rather than any accompanying impairment. Now in their 5th year of employment across four of our farming locations, these team members are using their specialist skills to transition to fully independent living and further their training.

Our business values our autistic employees and we admire their motivation and commitment. We look forward to further expanding the program across our business in the years to come.

Autism affects more than 1% of the population. Adults with autism are often unemployed, underemployed and socially disadvantaged despite having the necessary skills required.


More than 90% of our team is based in rural areas across QLD, NSW, VIC and SA as well as our head office in Brisbane. As a business, we take great pride in supporting the local communities in which we operate, contributing funding and in-kind support to charities and fundraisers in these rural regions.

We are actively involved in promoting events that help regional communities thrive and have contributed more than $500,000 to charitable organisations and local events in recent years. The people in these communities are a huge part of why our Australian owned business is thriving, and our support for these regional areas will continue to grow in the years to come.

Training and Support

We’re committed to creating a fair, ethical and accountable work environment for our employees by providing health and safety programs, training and education opportunities and diversity and inclusion initiatives to help them reach their full potential. We have developed the largest Registered Training Organisation in our industry which offers Certificates II, III and IV across a range of disciplines as well as supporting countless PhD students in their research and offering on the job training for all staff.

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