Our Flavours

As an Australian owned and operated business, we’ve been growing pork for Aussies longer than most, and it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about how to make a top-quality snag.

Our flavour blends have been hand crafted by our brand ambassadors and celebrity chef’s Dan & Steph – pairing the unique flavour of our Aussie grown meat with trending ingredients to create a range of sausages you won’t easily forget.

Join Dan & Steph as they walk you through their flavour development for our Three Aussie Farmers Sausage Range:

this one has bold character and is ideal for the BBQ enthusiast!

Also known as Cajun, this flavour profile was originally developed over time with ingredients readily available in the regional areas of Louisiana in the United States in the 18th Century. The flavour combinations are unique to the region and vary from just a few to a dozen ingredients, but always focus on rich savoury and umami notes. Our signature blend heroes paprika, onion and thyme which compliments the flavour of the Aussie pork. Our blend of spices is balanced and mild, giving you all the flavour of the fiery southern BBQ belt with not too much heat!

This flavour blend is close to our hearts as it’s the first flavour combination we ever tried in our very own kitchen (farm-house to a tee!).

Using garlic, onion, parsley & thyme it’s a real crowd pleaser that’s sure to keep the whole family happy. The savoury notes pair perfectly with the quality Australian pork, while the herbs give a fresh and well-rounded finish. As our best seller, it’s clearly a favourite with Aussies nationwide!

The latest addition to our range and a true classic!

We thought it was high time we tried an Aussie beef and pork blend to round out our range. This combination is a subtle classic, made to let the delicious flavours of the Australian grown meat shine. With subtle hints of white pepper and garlic, this one is the quality snag you’ve been looking for as it’s just a top-quality snag ready and waiting for your sauce of choice.

Three Aussie Farmers Porterhouse with roasted cauliflower

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